Why do female college students like to find a sugar daddy?

17 February 20190 Comments

In the United States, "Sugar daddy dating" is becoming more and more popular. They are rich, mature and successful, and they are willing to give high amounts of money to beautiful young women as a reward for their partners.

People who "Find a sugar daddy" are known as a Sugar baby. They have luxury goods, living in luxury houses,taking yachts on holidays, and meeting elites in various fields at cocktail parties. They can also accumulate profound wealth capital in a short time. In the transaction of money and flesh, more and more students have become the main force of Sugar baby.

Enter the sugar bowl because of curiosity

Sugar baby has chasers all over the world. One of the Asia girl xx, a student from China. She's been a sugar baby for over six years. When it comes to why she got into the business, her answer is surprisingly straight forward." I just think that it's so fresh, exciting and interesting."

She thinks the sugar daddy is knowledgeable as her "closest mentor". With more than six years of experience as a sugar baby, she has more than a dozen credit CARDS. "I can borrow as much as I want," she says with a smile.

Enter sugar bowl because of tuition pressure

Due to the rising tuition and living costs, some female college students are on the road of "sugar baby".

One sugar baby told us that the money she saved from her part-time job and scholarship could not cover her tuition and living expenses." I used to have three jobs and come home in the wee hours of the morning," she quipped. "But I dare not or couldn't sleep because I had a lot of books to read and review. If I don't get the scholarship, I won't be able to pay my tuition. The tuition and living expenses for over 100,000 yuan a year are too expensive.''

A classmate with the same problem told her about the sugar bowl, so she started visiting sugar daddy dating sites like SeekingArrangement or Sugardaddymeet.

Now she finds a rich sugar daddy. He pays her monthly and rent her an apartment close to him. It's been a tough one at first, but after two years becoming a sugar baby, she says she's gotten a lot out of it, and she has a healthy relationship and often travels with her sugar daddy. xx said she would keep looking for sugar daddies after graduation. “At least I get a good night's sleep," she said.

How many college girls are Sugar babies?

Famous Fox News in American once sent a report about Sugar baby relationship.

It is reported that many female college students at prestigious universities are under great pressure from tuition fees and are trying to maintain their high tuition through sugar baby dating. This has prompted an increasing number of young students to find a sugar daddy who is willing to "pay" their education fees through dating websites such as

In return, a sugar baby has to be their girlfriend , or even be asked to have sex with them.

Official data from> is the largest Sugar daddy dating website in the United States. About 3 million students become a Sugar baby on the site in 2018.


The website has released the rank of the number of Sugar baby students at universities 2017, including some famous universities.

What does Sugar daddy think about Sugar dating?

In the eyes of sugar daddy, sugar dating is more like an temporally arranged marriage that can be arranged by themselves. They think that many people misunderstand Sugar baby. Many beautiful girls on dating websites out there are just looking for some help. Most of the Sugar babies we meet are regular people. They have jobs and regular life. If they don't mention it, you'll never know they might be a sugar baby.