Seekingarrangement Changes Peoples Dating Habits in the US

2 December 20180 Comments

At a certain stage in life, we all want to meet someone to have a meaningful relationship with. Sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn’t and every failed relationship often has lasting individual impressions.

Now I’m sure we’ve all heard the term sugar daddy and sugar baby and know what a sugar-daddy-sugar-baby relationship is. Anyway if you don’t know, it’s a relationship, dating, or friendship setup in which an older man (sugar daddy) gives a young woman (his sugar baby, typically between the ages of eighteen and thirty) money and gifts in exchange for her company.

However, because this type of relationship is based on monetary exchange, to most people, when they think of the word sugar baby the picture attractive, young women with steady streams of lavish gifts, keys to new cars or a private jet. Ok, that’s a bit much but you get the idea. Well, in a way they are not wrong because the veil that separates a sugar baby from the rest is very thin as she is not a prostitute neither is she a stripper nor an escort.

That being said, a growing percentage of young women openly admit to preferring the company of an older guy on a date, rather than someone their age or younger.

Don’t get it wrong, arranged relationships aren’t a new concept, but the present day Sugar Daddy іѕ a fаr cry frоm his 20th Cеnturу соuntеrраrt, who wоuld рrеfеr tо kеер such a rеlаtіоnѕhір tоtаllу private, enjoying clandestine mееtіngѕ at ѕесrеtіvе vеnuеѕ. Today, an older guy will openly show off his younger partner, publicly and with pride.

Why young women are keen on sugar relationships

First off, a brief look at the normal attraction patterns. For teenage boys or young men still at school age, with testosterone flying everywhere and taking over their lateral thinking, are often attracted to older females like one or more of their female teachers, neighbor's wife or even a friend’s mom. Later on in life, they tend to prefer younger and more vibrant women. Now, in stark contrast to the attraction patterns noted in the life of males, a young girl, on first becoming sexually active, will hone her intimacy skill on a younger male, as she gets older, she will often be less interested in him, turning her attention to the more mature men that cross her path. Psychologically this explains a lot.

That notwithstanding, money is one of the main reasons young women prefer a sugar daddy. Modern life comes at a cost and maintaining a certain lifestyle means you need someone to help out. In this case a sugar daddy. Furthermore, women dating older sugar daddy types say there is a higher level of respect shown to them during such relationships. The emphasis on romance overshadows his desire to immediately get her into bed is often more apparent. But there are exceptions to the rule.

Speaking to some women they simply said: “men their age just don’t appeal to them”. Others said “relationships with men their age or younger often have a lot of drama and that getting paid for going out with the men the date is a bonus”

Although sugar relationships primarily concern younger women going out with a lot older and financially stable men for the purpose of getting pampered with cash and other luxuries, some women say that it is more than that. They say the prospects of a long-term relationship are usually very real.

That being said, seeking arranged relationships is good, its pros outweigh the cons as both parties know what they are in for from the beginning.